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Quickly finding WCF Serialization/Deserialization Issues

Once control leaves your code, and heads into the land of WCF serialization, or before it hits your code, when it is in the land of WCF deserialization, you usually don’t have much insight into what’s going on. Yes, you … Continue reading

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Serializing and Deserializing derived types or interfaces in WCF

Often you will have the case where you can take as input into a WCF operation contract a base type, which could be one of many derived types, or an interface that could be implemented by many different classes. Similarly … Continue reading

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Hitting a WCF service from a Perl script on Linux, using JSON::RPC

Another post to show how different platforms can be connected together using services. I feel these kinds of examples are important to get buy in for Service Oriented Architectures within the enterprise. I wrote up a little perl script running … Continue reading

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Calling WCF Services from a Linux C++ Client Using gSOAP

Before I get into part II of my earlier post about Configuring and Debugging WCF Services, I want to write about a problem I solved recently. Took a lot of digging around and so I thought I would save someone time … Continue reading

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WCF Services – Configuring and Debugging – Part I

What are Windows Communication Foundation Services? WCF Services were introduced in .NET 3.0. They are Microsoft’s effort to consolidate their technology for remote procedure invocation and for creating Service Oriented Architectures. If you are using Visual Studio, in theory it … Continue reading

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