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So how many ways can you…

I get obsessive about math puzzles. Not crazy ones that will take some sort of Aryabhata to figure out but little interesting ones that require intuition and a little obsession to crack. Probability and its puzzles fall right in this … Continue reading

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Netflix should tie up with Movie Theaters

I love watching movies, and in New York City, where I live, the cost of watching one movie in a theater is around $13-$15. For two people, that’s almost $30, and if you have a family of four, that’s pretty … Continue reading

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Invoking the DELETE verb with the Mootools Request.JSON class

Recently, I was trying to use the DELETE verb on a URL (using the MooTools Request.JSON class), and found (using Firebug) that the even though I was invoking the request correctly, the actual request going out was a POST. The … Continue reading

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NYC Startup Weekend

I recently attended the NYC Startup Weekend. Initially I was reluctant thinking it would be a waste of time, not productive etc, but I was surprised. It was an awesome experience, and after the chaos of Friday night, Saturday and … Continue reading

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NAnt, NAntContrib & How can I use msbuild with NAnt?

I had a simple need… I wanted to check if my NAnt .build file changes were correct before checking them into source control. We already have Cruise Control.NET setup and it works but I did not have any way to … Continue reading

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MooTools Request.JSON “success” event – Some Undocumented Behavior

Request.JSON is a simple extension of the Request class that MooTools provides for making HTTP request. According to the MooTools documentation for the Request.JSON class the handler for the “success” event will receive two arguments. The first one being the … Continue reading

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