Windows Phone Developer Tools

On 03/15/2010, at Mix 2010, ScottGu announced the availability of Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP for free download. It can be downloaded from here

And more information about the download can be found here on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

Also the developer home for Windows Phone is here

While installing the download package, I ran into an error that VC 10.0 was already installed. Turned out that I had Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 installed on my machine, and the Windows Phone Developer CTP was not OK with that. Uninstalling the VS 2010 Beta 1 fixed the issue.

A bunch of other new technology that has been announced in Mix 2010 include

– oData – Open Data Protocol. A new protocol built on HTTP and ATOM for sharing data based on REST principles. It was earlier known as ADO.NET Data Services. There’s a feed for that!

Dallas – A market place for web API providing access to data sets using oData. Many datasets already available. Again more information about this here, on the Dev Blog.

– Houston – A tool built in Silverlight that allows manipulation of SQL Azure. Again this is not something new but things are coming together nicely for developers working with Microsoft technologies.


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  1. thanks for sharing..
    i’ve download and try it..

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